Sunday, August 1, 2021

Playford Lake, Belair National Park

Today, I've met a friend for a walk in one of the nearest National Park. It's my first time to visit there, so I'm looking forward to explore the park. Actually there are lots of walking, hiking, bike trails there, but we only walk around the lake side. There are lots of trees around too some has traces of bush fire, one tree caught my attention, it looks different from the other and I like how the branches formation, it's a pine tree

I wish I can explore the park next time especially the side where there is waterfalls and look out. 

I just want to share some of the photos I've took while walking around the lake:

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Morialta Conservation Park

is located 10km north east of Adelaide. There are lots of car park at the start of walking trails, and you're lucky to get one on the very front. The Morialta Conservation Park has three falls, we only went to the first falls this time. There are some activities you can do, walking, hiking and rock climbing. There are some easy walk, moderate hikes and few trails to choose.

This is information guide of the Morialta Conservation Park, the maps and trail of the walking and hiking 

Just on the entrance and the front car park has a public toilet, so it's very convenient to the tourist and visitors

Plenty of car park near entrance and also a bit farther has more park too.

Last June 17, my sister and friends went to Morialta Conservation park to have a walk or hike, that's the original plan. The park was busy, lot of visitors doing some hikes and walks. I have been there once before but haven't climb the peak of the hills and  see the view from lookout that I'm looking forward when we were there. We start our walk to see the first falls while I'm taking photos along the way. We stayed there for a few minutes to enjoy the view of waterfalls, I went to the front of waterfalls side to have a snapshot of myself.

After the first falls, I thought we continue to hike to the lookout but because I'm busy taking photos of the surroundings, I didn't realise the friends are thinking and planning of something different, random and change of plan. They are talking about food cravings and roadtrip on opposite side of the town. So I just agree to what their plans are as long as we are all together and having fun. From first falls, we just head off to the car park and drove to Port Elliot to visit the popular bakery that was the talk of the town and also was on tv news. We didn't even spent half an hour in Morialta Conservation Park, so it means I haven't explored the park still, it's like the same thing that happened last year when my mum and cousin were here in Adelaide, not explore yet. I need to come back again one day, I felt like it's a waste of time going there again (lol) but it's all good, maybe next time I will explore the Morialta conservation park again with no change of plans.

I will just share some photos I have captured while we were there for a short time.

We saw koalas on the tree.

The koala was shy so I only capture it's back side, everytime I go to the other side, it keeps on moving and transferring position until I can't see the face at all.

 Some unique rock formation that some people do the rock climbing.

Hope you enjoy the Morialta Conservation Park photos. Next I will get to explore the park on my next visit.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Rustic Scupltures

Last Sunday, I went for a walk in Glenelg South,-Somerton-Brighton Jetty vise-versa, where I always do my walking, sometimes with sister, friends or myself alone. I always make sure it's time for sunset so I can take some photos, I really love to take photos of sunset or sunrise, but the sun is shy that day and its hiding under the clouds. I only capture the rays of the sun.

While walking you I pass by some rustic sculptures, it attracts the attention of by passers or walkers when they see it, especially the skeleton human formed sculpture. Where some people have a sit and take photo.

As I keep walking I saw this guy swimming, it must be freezing cold in the water but he seems to be enjoying his moment there. 

Some night shots of the water and random sky photos

Monday, June 8, 2020

Hillocks Drive, Butlers Beach Camping

Late post, last March, Adelaide cup, was our long weekend camping with friends and as always with my sister. Since Lemon is working, we invite our other friends to go camping, it's their first time join camping with us. We don't know which area to take them because the friends wants that there is a proper toilet or shower, we don't like to camp on  Caravan and camping shore, because sometimes it can be crowded. So my sister and I decided to go back to Butler's Beach where there is complete amenities. With the idea as well  to tour them  around Innes National Park as they haven't explored that part of Yorke Peninsula. 

It's our 2nd time to camp on Butler's Beach, it was beautiful place,  quite and peaceful, away from other campers and it's very close to the beach, walking and hiking trails on cliff side. It's a huge property privately owned by Butler's family. There are few designated campsites to choose, from cliff side, beach front or farm side. They also have accommodation the Ocean pod,  overlooking the ocean and close to the rock pool. No one can access the property except for the paid campers as you need to have your own key to open the gate so your can access the property campsite, it's secure and safe camping.  Pam, the owner or part of the Butlers family was very friendly and helpful in accommodating us even it's within the day booking only.

We stayed there for two nights and during the day we explore Innes National Park and other side of the town. Our campsite was private and secluded, so we can laugh out loud with out bothering other campers. It was fun, during night time my sister and other friend plays guitar while singing and dancing plus with random conversation about life in general. It was very windy during the night too but we still sleep nicely.

Some photos I have taken during our camping and walking on the cliff side of the beach.

Our campsite, I'm taking photo from the sand dunes

Can you see the moon?

View during our walk

The Ocean Pod accommodation, it's an old caravan painted and already refurnished.
During our drive on the other side of the campground

Friday, June 5, 2020

Brownhill Creek Lookout

It was another beautiful day today. I'm so happy and cheerful at work as if I don't worry of something. To be honest I was sad, but because of my fighting spirit and the fruit of the holy spirit reign within me, the Joy and Peace, I overcome the sadness and ignore the negative feelings.

Anyway, Ive finished work early, when I got home, my sister and I are getting ready to continue are failed hike at Brownhill creek last couple weeks ago. And today we made it, we brought our hiking stick so it easier for us to climb the steep hiking trail. It's not really hard, the stick help us walk easily and bit faster compare the first time when we have nothing to hold on, and grasping our breath (lol)

Last time, one of our friend was her first time to hike and she didn't feel so well, so we accompany here to go back and only Lemon continues to hike. When Lemon returns after an hour, he told us it was beautiful up there. We felt jealous (lol) but it's ok, we won't risk the health of our friend just to enjoy the view up there. There's next time.

And today we've made it, we've experienced how beautiful and amazing to be on top of the hill.  we discovered there's more tracks and trails on the other end and on the other side of the hill. I thought only my sister and I were hiking but when we reach to the top a few hikers were present together with their dogs. We stayed a bit on the top to enjoy the beauty of city and bay while watching sunset and taking some photos.

The start of the trail

View of the city

We started our trail on the other side and just did the loop.
Sister was struggling walking down, she just walk backwards, maybe its easy for her that way. 

Beautiful sunset, young lady still on school uniform walked with her dog name Casper

Amazing sunset shot reflecting the water
Just random sunset photos on different angle

Soul sisters
The hiking stick, we love you, make our hike successful and less effort😊